Private Classes

In the comfort of your home

Private classes are perfect for those who would like or need a tailored individual class. All you need is a small space in your home and Kate will provide all the equipment. You can even share your class with your partner or a friend.

Prices Areas Covered Times Days

1:1 = £50 for 1 hour/£240 for 5
1:2 = £70 for 1 hour/£340 for 5
7pm - 9pm Tuesday and Wednesday

In the studio

1:1 lessons with Kate using a variety of machines such as the reformer and cadillac for those who have had some experience of mat work. The equipment will enhance your workout by offering assistance and resistance, variable springs to increase strength and flexibility and a closed chain environment to aid identifying muscle imbalances.

Prices Areas Covered Times Days
1:1 = £60 for 1 hour/£285 for 5
1:2 = £75 for 1 hour/£360 for 5
The B.C.P.
Studio WC1A
11am-12pm & 2-4pm